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The information you enter on this page is private and confidential. When you provide any of this data and click the "submit" button (bottom of this screen), your personal information will go into our secure data file, and will be available to you when you log in again next time. You can update it at any time…just make your changes and again click the "submit" button. If you ever do decide to have an informal discussion with one of our personal bankers or sit down to a more formal discussion with a financial planner, this is the kind of information he/she will ask you to provide.

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Your Net Worth

It’s all the things you own that have financial value (home, auto, savings, investments, art/jewelry/ Collectables, etc.), minus all the money you owe (mortgage, loans balances, credit card debt, etc.)

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Now, Project Your Future Net Worth

Here your objective is simply to look ahead into the future and begin to see what you might have for your retirement years. Start with where you are at the present time, and just do a rough estimate of where you will be (or hope to be) at key points in the future. Think about ways you might increase your financial holdings. The essential point is this: The more you work these numbers over from time to time, in a thoughtful “planning” way, the more they are likely to come true for you!

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