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Your Personal (Financial) Game Plan

Here's the way this page works. Go down the list and note the various considerations attached to each section. Think about your own personal situation and plans you might have for yourself, your family. Make short notes in each box about things that might happen, things that will happen, things you hope to make happen. Include any financial implications that might be attached. Click "Submit", all of this is then stored in your private file as a "Notes To Self" summary of your plans and intentions. It will be there for you whenever you log back in. Revisit it and make changes time to time as your plans develop. You'll find that you are a little more in control of what happens in your life, rather than just playing things from day to day and waiting to see how it all comes out. Have fun with it. Think big. Remember...we all only go around once!

Family and Friends:
Single/married? Children? Parents/Relatives? College plans?
Weddings? School/Family reunions? Connect with lifelong friends? Pets?

Job or Career:
Current/Future employment? Present/Future income? Advancement/Promotions?
Professional developement? New career direction? Your own business? More education?

Your Home:
Own/Rent? Mortgage? Refinance? Maintenance matters? Furniture/Appliances?
Build/Remodel? Move/Relocate? Second/Vacation property? Homeowner insurance?

Personal/family auto? Second auto? Truck/RV/motorcycle? Repair/maintenance?

Music/art/entertainment? Boat/airplane/flying lessons? Hobbies/collections?
Recreation? Electronics? Sports? Clubs/associations?

Travel Plans:
Local/cross-country/overseas? Where/when? Sabbatical/extended stay? Ocean Cruise?

Financial Plans:
Credit status? Personal debt? Personal savings? Life insurance?
Investments? Retirement? Personal net worth?

Your Health:
Personal health status? Family health matters? Workouts/wellness plan?
Health insurance? Life insurance? Long-term care insurance? End-of-life plans?