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Visa® Credit Card Resource Center

What you see is what you get with our VISA ® credit cards – a credit card that works for you.

Additional benefits that help you save more with a Reach Visa ® Credit Card

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Reach CU Visa® Credit Cards Elite Rewards
Discounts From Participating Merchants X X
Verified by Visa Security for Online Purchases X X
Auto Rental Insurance X X
Cardholder Inquiry Service X X
Emergency Card/Stolen Card Reporting X X
Universal Acceptance X X
Zero Liability X X
Travel Accident Insurance X X
Warranty Manager X X
Travel and Emergency Assistance X X
Purchase Security X X
Reach Rewards   X

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Apply online for a Reach CU Visa Credit Card, call our Member Contact Center or your Personal Banker.

Reach Tax-Advantaged Visa Program

Are you a Homeowner? If the answer is “yes”, then you may qualify for our unique tax-advantaged Visa card program. You receive the same credit card features PLUS you may be able to deduct the interest paid in your tax returns. Contact your accountant or tax advisor to determine the eligibility of the deductions. A $50 processing fee will apply.

Reach Student Visa Program

Establishing a good credit report and score is necessary for the future financial well being of students. If you are between the ages of 18-22, you qualify for our Student Visa Program. This means if you have no credit score or a limited credit history, this program is right for you. Due to new federal laws, a co-signer/parental consent maybe required. The students participating in the Reach Student Visa Program receive the guidance and resources offered by Reach CU.

Reach Secured Visa Program

We understand that members may need a second chance or a helping hand to establish or reestablish their credit history and strengthen their credit score. Our Reach Secured Visa Program gives you the option of having a low rate Visa card. Choose between our Elite or Rewards card. The limit is based on the amount of funds held in your share account. The balance held in a savings account must be 125% of credit card limit.

Credit Card Services

Come back often to the credit card services section for quick access to the card services your entitled to as credit card holders at Reach CU.