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Our cooperative “soapbox”

First — use us for all we’re worth! The more of your banking that you do with the credit union, the better it is for everyone (that’s the strength of a co-op).

Compare our account and service offerings, our fees and rates, our dividends and many bonus features with those at other sources…and see what a collective “good deal” we offer. We may not always have the absolute best rate in town in every category (it’s impossible, in such a competitive business, to beat everybody at everything!), but we’re sure to be close. After all, we work at that very intention every single day!

If you think of something you’d like the credit union to consider adding as a service for you and other members…let us know. We DO want to hear from you. We DO want your ideas. We DO want your suggestions. A simple eMail sent our way will do it. We’ll always get back to you.

Finally— When you have the chance to do so…tell your family and coworkers about the credit union. We’re all in this together…and we work best with a certain critical mass (otherwise known as “economy-of-scale”). It’s the added business we do with members that builds the momentum, that in turn generates the efficiencies, that allow us do more for less. And as the “more” rolls in, we’ll continue to deliver it back as additional features and more benefits for you. That’s the way a cooperative works.