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If you have a question about any kind of financial issue – ASK IT. If you have ideas,
a personal experience or thoughts that might help someone else’s situation – send them!

  1. Why choose a Credit Union over a bank?
  2. Why do I have to go all the way home to activate my reissued credit card?
  3. Why should I write a budget? It seems a very dull, tedious thing to do.
  4. What should I do about a problem with my monthly statement?
  5. Can I change my address online?
  6. I've heard I can get a free credit report from the credit
  7. What is Tyco FCU's routing number? What's it for?
  8. Can I transfer money to my daughter's checking account at a different bank?
  9. I'm 70 this year, and so (the law says) I have to start withdrawing from my IRA. How, exactly, do I do that?
  10. How do I close an account at my other bank and transfer everything over here?
  11. Family Members Eligible?
  12. Can I have the same sign-on (log-in) for my profile as I do for my online banking.
  13. What are your hours of operation?
  14. I deposit checks at service centers and ATMs, but how do I get the hold on my funds removed?
  15. HELP! I need a contact phone number. I'm a member and I can't logon. Your Q&A does not help.
  16. How does your December payment skip work? Can I waive my Visa and my car payment as well?
  17. How do I contact the CU if I notice an error at a shared branch / service center facility?
  18. How can I pay off the balance of my Tyco Visa automatically each month?
  19. Can I join if I work in India? What is the procedure?Regards,George
  20. How can I see my dividend YTD history on the TFCU web site?
  21. Is there car rental insurance on my Elite Visa? Answer: Yes. Read More
  22. Where to edit address
  23. I need to change my name on my account and get a new debit card issued. How can I do this?
  24. Do we still get any discount from See's Candy? Thanks!
  25. What is your opinion of this article (see link) about moving your money to a small community bank?
  26. What if I am no longer in the employ of Tyco, will I still be able to use the credit union?
  27. Can I go online and open a christmas account or do I have to go into the credit to do this?
  28. Hello,I'm a memeber of Tyco for about 18 years now. I currently have a car loan through HSBC at an interest rate of over 10%. I've had some financial problems in the last few years. My question is: Would it be possible to finance my car through you?
  29. I've been a member for 7-8 years. The past year has been financial disastrous for me. How can my CU help?
  30. How do I get my Visa PIN# after I have activated my card over the phone?
  31. I've been told by Tyco Electronics I need to choose between a pay card or direct deposit. Is your direct deposit free? How can I start one?
  32. I would love to be able to link with Tyco FCU through or through, but I can never find the bank name. Does Tyco plan to link with any of these financial planning websites in the future? Thanks!
  33. How do I sign up for an account?
  34. No link this year to TurboTax?
  35. Is TFCU able to offer a discount for TurboTax this year?
  36. How do I transfer funds from my Tyco CU account to a checking account at another banking insitution?
  37. hello, do i get a tax write off for the interest i pay on a visa card?
  38. I work at ADT and a friend at work said I'm eligible for membership. CAn I join?
  39. Where do I join? I can't find your application. I'm an employee of Simplex Grinnell.
  40. I am having difficulties with the website with some links not working and the font size and color make it hard to read. Will there be any changes?
  41. How do I update my phone number?
  42. Why did my credit card statement change this month?
  43. I noticed on my last statement that I was charged a $15.00 fee. It was listed as "POWERCARD ANNUAL" on the ststement. What is that all about. This has never happened before and I'm not happy.
  44. Can I open an account at the credit union and have my paycheck split between the credit union and my current bank?
  45. Do I have to deposit my entire or whole check to the credit union?
  46. I'm working in Tyco Electronics out of US, in Europe.Can I be a member?Do I have the same benefits?
  47. How do you find out if you can get a credit increase on your visa
  49. Does Tyco's Credit Card Statement list items purchased or just the store and location?
  50. How long you have to be a member to get a loan and if you can have the payment taking out of your paycheck?
  51. A friend in Holland owes me some money. He wants to do an interbank transfer. Is this possible?
  52. I am 72 and still working. Am I required to take out a distribution from my 401K?
  53. Are you looking into the capability of me being able to submit a deposit via my iphone? I do not live near an ATM.
  54. Im moving. Where can I find a list of other credit unions that Tyco allows for shared banking?
  55. I have a checking account and a prime savings account, can I add another savings account?
  56. I am a member of the TEFCU. I do not have an ATM card, but I'd like to get one. How can I do it?
  57. What does tyco offer to members
  58. Where do I mail my loan application?
  59. Now that you have added the account name to the signin I can no longer transfer data directly to Quicken. Did anyone consider that problem before impementing this latest "improvement"?
  60. What is GAP?
  61. Im currently under bankruptcy would it still be possible to get a loan with the payment payroll deducted.
  62. the font used in this website is horrible to read
  63. How do I pay on my credit card?
  64. how can i view my account online
  65. I am refinancing my first mortgage, what are the requirements to have Tyco CU subordinate on 2nd position?
  66. I have a TEFCU Visa credit card that I have never used. If I use it, are the charges automatically drafted from my checking account or will I be sent a paper statement?
  67. I don't see any student loan informatoin - you must not offer this type of loan???
  68. Why did you choose to start charging 3 dollars a month for our accounts?
  69. can former employees do personel loans
  70. Where is the Listings of the Companies that participate in our employee discount program?
  71. How do I waive the $3 fee on my card. I have been using it.
  72. how many saving withdrawls can i make
  73. Do i have to endorse my paychecks if they are for deposit only?
  74. I received a flyer by mail regarding auto insurance, but I dont see anything on this site about it. Where can i find more info...I lost the flyer?
  75. I live in CA and am refinancing my first mortgage. I have a HELOC with Tyco FCU. The lender wants me to consolidate the loans. If I do this, can I later apply for a new HELOC with Tyco FCU (presuming available equity)?
  76. I tried to pay my cell phone bill with my debit card and it was declined. I also tried to use it at a store and it was declined again. I called TFCU customer service and they said there is no reason why it should be declined. They told me someone would c
  77. When are you going to create a mobile app for Android and iPhone?
  78. I have a checking and saving account, but didn't get any deposit slips.I have a 401 check and would like to deposit part of it in checking and part in saving , how do I do that?
  79. I am interested in joining and I was looking at the interest rates on various saving accounts. If I under stand correctly one has to be a TAP member to get these rates. What are the rates without TAP?
  80. I have a checking and saving account . I have a check to deposit , where can I deposit the check in my accounts . I live in Kings Mountain NC
  81. Can I pay my Visa account through another bank account electronically like I do for other credit cards
  82. I would like to order an additional visa debit card for my son (17). Where would I submit this request?
  83. i forget the pin that i changed it too.
  84. do i have to be a member to get a loan
  85. how do i make funds available in my savings acct
  86. Is there any advantage to switching a car loan over to the CU?
  87. I'm looking into purchasing an atv. I noticed that your vehicle purchase links are for boats cars and motorcycles only. Do you not finance atv's?
  88. Who do I get a direct deposit form?
  89. How do you close your account?
  90. I opened a savings account online and made an initial deposit of $10.00, how long until I recieve an ATM card so I can deposit private checks using an ATM?
  91. Can I refinance a car loan from another Bank?
  92. when are funds available from a checking account when deposited in a ATM
  93. Are you going to get an iPhone app soon?
  94. How can I change my pin number on my atm card?
  95. where is your nearest location from Hemet CA.
  96. how do i register online to get into my account, so i can sign in.
  97. is their a skip payment for december this year.
  98. Hi need new credit dard I lost it thank you.
  99. Is there a local branch I can go to and speak with someone in person ??
  100. I saw an app on google play store that allows you to capture your check and deposit it. is it real? i've not seen anything about it or heard it advertised anywhere.
  101. I need to add my wife to my account and get her a debit card how do i go about getting her one?
  102. My ATM card is due to expire in less than a month, will I receive a new one automatically or do I need to request a new one?
  103. Can I get an IRA from the credit union? What is the interest rate for a regular IRA?
  104. What is my full account number
  105. I want to use Turbo Tax, how do I find it.
  107. Does TE or the Credit union have a Auto insurance discount program?
  108. My ATM card needs to be replaceds. It's failing regularly. What is the process to expedite a replacement.
  109. Does Tyco offer discount cards for Disneyland passes?
  110. I am having trouble logging in.
  111. How long will this website be down for maintenance. I have bills to pay, this is the second time I can not access the website in a very short time.
  112. Do you offer foreign currency?
  113. When I make a deposit using photo capture with the credit union's Mobile App, what do I do with the check?
  114. I have a federal credit union saving account but it's frozen. how do I register for online banking?I tried to use online banking but I can't even do it. I've never use it. I do not have user but I was using my account trying to logon
  115. I have a banking account and also applications at the money market. I already have a debit card but I would like to have a credit card. I do not live in US. What is the right process- to apply for the credit card
  116. does Reach Credit Union have a SWIFT/BIC number to use for an incoming international wire transfer?
  117. I would like to review the life insurance available thru the credit union
  118. Where can I get my routing number from
  119. Do you cash savings bonds
  120. can i activate my account after 8 years?
  121. A big thank you for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.
  122. Does it make any difference whether we pay off the car loan with one payment of 400/month versus transferring 100$ to the loan each paycheck?
  123. how do I set up online bill pay with my I phone app??
  124. Expecting a large charge on my Debit Card. Do I have a daily limit on this card?
  125. Do you offer choices for a debit card design? The debit card I was sent looks akward as if it's fake. can I just get s simple color instead?
  126. What's the ATM daily withdrawal limit
  128. I am going out of country for a month and would like to know if you guys going to block my credit card. Is there a place or phone # where I can let you guys know so you won't block my credit card.
  129. reach credit union sent me check but I don't know why.
  130. Can my son who is in the Marine's transfer his balance in his credit union bank into my account?
  131. I am getting laid off at the end of my month. Can you help me figure out how I can keep up with my loan payments?
  132. routing number is ?
  133. Disneyland tickets
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